Go-see criteria
1. portfolio
2. runway walk
3. general apprearance
4. personality

2 comentarii:

Jess spunea...

I love the blazer! That is so cool that you're a model.

sergiu spunea...

what things did God so clearly see
redeeming thoughts thought over me
which made the world we know go round
and men with shackals never bound
you speak of things that never were
i wish that you would all return
and set your heart, your mind, your eyes
be left with no sin in disguise
nor halfened hearts or heavy souls
but faithfull eyes and gracious words
how clearly it should be to me
how bright and wonderous all i see
and all i want and say i know
be overwhelmed by faith alone
by faith and works not something dead
by Jesus face that never said
I'll leave you here and walk away
I care no more of what you say
A saviour came and made a way
My saviour came, He's here to stay
He always stood, He had to pay
His father turned His face away
and left him hanging anyway
Behind all that what can you see?
you see yourself or try to be
the same that Jesus did for me
He also took this weight on him
The weight of sin that made you grim
of every soul that ever lived
not knowing God or what He did