From the Journal of Gia Marie Carangi -top model- 1960-1986

“Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a young girl whose hair made of gold. The people in the village saw her, they said “oh how beautiful she is”, and they showed her a beautiful house on a beautiful planet Mars and they said “come and live here forever”, and the young girl said “oh Mars is a planet where life is different, say clean and pretty, but how Which you get there? Where you find a taxi? bus do you take? Right, and how do you know you’re there when you’re there?”

But the people in the village were very poor. And every night they crypt in to the house were the girl slept, and they cut off piece of her golden hair and they sold it for money, “she’ll never notice” they said, and soon all the gold were gone from her head. And the people said “oh she’s not beautiful at all, and they took her from the beautiful house, and they drove her into the street, and she went away and never came back. And some people became hungry again and they went back into the beautiful house looking for gold, but there was no one there”, as if she knew....

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